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​Building Information

The Building Division is responsible for the enforcement of the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code.  This includes the issuance of building permits, and inspection of all newly constructed buildings.

​Zoning Certificates/Building Permit Submissions

To ensure the Development Services Department is providing the most efficient customer service to the public, the following process has been implemented to ensure the required planning approvals are in place before submitting an Application for a Building Permit. Planning staff are the first contact for counter or phone inquiries, which ensures that projects can be reviewed for compliance with various planning documents prior to the submission of a “complete” building permit application. The purpose is to ensure that customer service is improved for contractors and residents in the Township, by providing them with guidance regarding the items they need to provide and meet with respect of the Township’s Zoning By-law, and any other planning related regulations and policies before commencing the building permit process.

An Application for Zoning Certificate will confirm that the proposed construction meets the regulations of the Township’s Zoning By-law or identify concerns with the proposed work. Planning staff will review the application to determine if the construction is exempt from the requirement of a Zoning Certificate or whether additional approvals are required from other department or agencies.

The following is the submission sequence:

Planning First/Zoning Certificate

  1. Contact the Planning Division to submit a Zoning Certificate application along with the required drawings in order to obtain a Zoning Certificate. The Planning Division will inform you of the requirements for approvals from Ministry of Transportation, County of Simcoe, or Conservation Authorities.
  2. Complete Building Permit Submission

  3. Owner/Applicant to obtain all required permit approvals from the above authorities.
  4. Submit a completed building permit application along with all required drawings, engineered lot grading details, an approved Zoning Certificate, and all certificates and approvals from any outside authorities.


Note: Only building permit applications with all required drawings, engineering and related approvals. If you are missing information, your application will be refused at the counter. By submitting a complete application it will allow for processing within Ministry timeframes. All permit fees and engineered lot grading deposits (when required) shall be paid at permit submission.


For additional questions, contact Planning or Building Division staff.

List of Exemptions from Zoning Certificate requirement (Building Permit may still be required)

  • Foundation repairs
  • Solid Fuel Burning Woodstoves and Fireplaces including chimney repairs
  • Septic System Tank Replacement
  • Repair to Retaining Wall
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Back Flow Prevention Devices
  • Roof Top Solar Panels
  • Interior renovation unless related to Change of Use or Accessory Apartment
  • Fire/Smoke Alarms
  • Roof Repairs unless change in height
  • Window Replacement
  • Water Meter Installation
  • Pergola

Notice to Residential Stakeholders

New Ontario Building Code Changes effective January 1st, 2017

Drain Water Heat Recovery Units (DWHR) conforming to CSA B 55.1 and B 55.2

DWHR units are required under the new OBC requirements SB-12 effective January 1st, 2017.

The intent of the OBC requirement is to install DWHR on shower drains where space permits. The manufacturers of DWHR require that the unit be installed in a VERTICAL orientation. It also requires 63 inches of continuous drain pipe based on the recommended 60 inch unit. Certain homes with septic systems will not have this required 63 inches of vertical continuous drain pipe in basements.

Homes built in the Township of Oro-Medonte are predominantly built with septic systems.

The following policy will apply for the installation of DWHR based on where space permits:

  • 2 storey homes with showers on 2nd floor.
  • All homes with walkout basements with showers on main or 2nd floors.

DWHR not required:

  • Bungalows without walkout basements with showers on main floor.

Any homes that do not fall within the above noted examples will be considered on a case by case basis by the Chief Building Official or Designate.
Township policy for DWHR installation may be amended at any time due to OBC amendments.