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Reduced Load R​estrictions in E​ffect

A reminder that as per By-law 2022-028​, Reduced Load (Half-Load) Restr​ictions are in effect on Township roads from March 1st through April 30th. Line 7​ North, between Highway 11 and Bass Lake Sideroad, is exempt from the provisions of the By-law.​

Winter Parking

To aid in the snow removal operations, the Township Traffic By-Law No. 2012-168 prohibits the parking of vehicles on all Township roads at any time, in a manner that interferes with winter road maintenance, from October 15th to April 30th. Vehicles interfering with winter road maintenance may be ticketed and/or towed.

Snow Removal

Rural property owners are reminded that Canada Post has guidelines for the installation and maintenance of rural mailboxes to avoid damage as a result of snow removal operations. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that a rural mailbox is maintained for mail delivery. For m​ore information, contact your local postal outlet or visit for Rural Mailbox Box Guidelines.

​Street Sweeping

Road Sweeping Zones​

Street sweeping helps to keep our storm drainage systems and ditches clear, improves storm water runoff quality, and improves air quality by limiting dust.​

Any sand raked out onto the shoulder of the road (in a row only) by March 30th, will be picked up by the crew as they pass by. Sand left in the ditches or sand that is placed on the shoulder after the crew has been to your area will not be picked up.

Each year the street sweeping program starts in a different area of the Township so that streets in one area are not always swept last.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Please feel free to contact Operations staff at 705-487-2171 with any questions.

Entrance Permits

All new road access points for laneways or driveways require an Entrance Permit. The application form and fee are submitted to the Township Administration Office for approval.

Engineering Standards

All new roads and works must be constructed to Township Engineering Standards. Copies of these standards are available for a fee from the Township Administration Office. All new roads and works must be constructed to Township Engineering Standards. Copies of these standards are available for a fee from the Township Administration Office.

Line 15 North Traffic Calming Initiative

June 13​, 2023 Update
The Township is moving forward with the first phase of the revised traffic calming configuration on Line 15 North between Bass Lake Side Road and Highway 12. This will include:
  • Removal of north-bound directional closure
  • Installation of crosswalk and all-way stop at Barr Avenue
  • Installation of vertical gates
  • Line painting
​Please note these changes will come into effect Wednesday, June 14, 2023.
The second phase will include installation of speed humps, seasonal planters, and parking delineators at the beach area which are anticipated to be installed by the end of June 2023.

General Background
Line 15 North from Bass Lake Sideroad to Highway 12 is a 1.4 km stretch of roadway under the jurisdiction of the Township. This segment is a narrow road providing access to residential roads, Bass Lake Provincial Park, and waterfront access on the north-west shore of Bass Lake. 
Over the past several years, the segment of road from Bass Lake Sideroad to Highway 12  has experienced a significant increase in traffic volumes and travel speeds associated with growth in west Orillia and is now being used as bypass from Hwy 12 to west Orillia. 
In response to traffic safety concerns along the Bass Lake Sideroad to Highway 12 road segment, a number of traffic calming initiatives have been piloted over the past several years.  
With a further effort to address concerns, the Township implemented more restrictive measures during the summer of 2022, as a one year pilot project, which included a northbound directional closure at Bass Lake Sideroad, and installation of chicanes.
The directional closure was effective at reducing traffic volume, which is positive.  However, the closure resulted in a significant hazard at the Line 15 North/Bass Lake Sideroad intersection with a high degree of non-compliance with vehicles circumventing the north bound directional closure.  Taking these factors into consideration, revised traffic calming measures will be implemented including:
  1. discontinuation of the directional closure;
  2. reconfiguration of traffic calming to remove chicanes and replace with additional vertical gates and speed humps;
  3. extension of the Community Safety Zone to year-round application;
  4. reconfiguration of permit parking area and installation of planters;
  5. implementation of pedestrian cross over and all-way stop at the Barr Avenue intersection; 
  6. installation of additional pedestrian signage; 
  7. continued work with OPP regarding targeted enforcement;
  8. continued discussion and traffic planning with the City of Orillia; and
  9. continued monitoring and collection of data to make adjustments as necessary.
These measures will address the safety of the intersection as well as safety along Line 15 North. 
Following implementation, the Township will continue to monitor the revised traffic calming measures and make adjustments as deemed necessary. The Township will also continue discussions with the City of Orillia regarding the City’s continued development, and the impacts development has on this area of the Township.

  • Road System Inventory
  • Minimum Maintenance Standards Classification
  • Road Condition Appraisal & Needs Assessment
  • Determine sustainable funding levels to maintain road standards

  • Traffic Operations - Existing Conditions
  • Travel Speeds
  • Road classifications
  • Road/Transportation Network​

  • Sidewalks and trails
  • Accommodation of applicable standards​

  • ​Establish EDRs for highway system​​

  • Provide recommendations to update Transportation policies within the Township's Official Plan.
  • Review current Township road standards relating to road classification and cross-sections.
  • Confirm applicability of standards in context of road classification, traffic volumes and other appropriate measures.
  • Present recommended changes for consideration (local road vs. collector road, urban road vs. rural road, residential road vs. industrial road, etc.)
  • Determine service levels and conditions for assumption of private roads located within the Township.

The municipality's roads network is one of its most vital assets and is a crucial service for our residents and businesses.  The Township is continuing to refine its plan to ensure the sustainability of the infrastructure is addressed in a comprehensive and economically viable manner.​​

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