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Urban Stormwater

There is 26 urban stormwater ponds located across the municipality. These facilities are comprised of:

  • Dry - detain water for a short period
  • Wet - hold a permanent pool of water
  • LID - Low impact development which uses special filter media to treat stormwater

These man made facilities are designed to mitigate flooding and clean the water before it is released to the soil or stream.

​Public access is strictly prohibited in areas adjacent to urban stormwater management ponds as water levels in the ponds are subject to dramatic and rapid changes during periods of rain and snow melt. Site conditions including muddy water, sudden drop offs, subsurface currents, and the potential for entanglement with vegetation and debris are all possible.

Safety Tips to Consider​​

Consider these safety tips around urban ​stormwater ponds:​

  • Stay well back from the pond's side slope, vegetated barriers, and outfall areas.
  • Be aware that water levels can rise rapidly, so never wade or swim in a stormwater management pond.
  • Do not dump garbage or other household waste (including used medical products, fertilizers, soap scum) into storm sewers, creeks or stormwater management ponds. These pollutants represent a community safety hazard and compromise the environment.
  • Exercise caution at all times around frozen ponds or bodies of water.
  • Even if a pond appears to be frozen solid never attempt to go on the ice
  • Fluctuating temperatures and the use of road salts can create thin or unstable ice and potentially hazardous conditions.

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