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Rain Barrel Program

​The Township of Oro-Medonte launched a Climate Change Initiative in collaboration with to support local water conservation efforts in 2023.

The sale of rain barrels for the 2024 spring season has now concluded. Thank you to those who participated! If you have any questions regarding your rain barrels, please see below for further information, FAQs, and instructional video tutorials or visit to learn more.

Rain barrel sales are now closed for the 2024 spring season.

​The Township of Oro-Medonte supports any efforts in the conservation of local ground water resources. 

  • ​Collecting and using rainwater not only assists with the conservation of local ground water, but also provides financial savings to users.
  • Assisting with the flooding of local streams and rivers by reducing the amount of stormwater runoff.

​The collection of rainwater has many uses and many benefits to local stormwater runoff reduction. Some of the ways you can use your collection of rainwater are as follows:

  • ​Use the barrel to fill a watering can for houseplants and outdoor potted plants
  • Divert the rain barrel to keep garden ponds and water features full during the warmer months of the year

​The installation process of your rain barrel is simple! Things you may need include:

  • Your complete rain barrel kit
  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • A shovel
  • A level
  • A hacksaw
  • Drill, screws and a screwdriver
  • A flexible downspot or a rain chain
  • Cinder blocks or a stand​

Installation process provided by RainBarr​

  1. Ensure the ground beneath the rain barrel is firm and level. You may want to consider using a patio stone as a base. Cinder blocks with a patio stone on top of them will provide height so that you can put your watering can beneath the spigot or get more gravity to run the water through your hose.

  2. Cut the downspout 4 to 6 inches above the top of the barrel. To cut the downspout we recommend using a hacksaw. The downspout can be cut without even removing it from the wall. Tin snips can be used to finish the cut if the downspout is secured too tightly to the wall.

  3. Install a short flexible pipe or a downspout elbow onto the cut downspout to direct water into the top of the barrel

  4. Keep the remaining portion of the downspout so it can be reconnected when the rain barrel is winterized.

  5. Run the overflow hose either back into the drain or into a nearby garden. Additional lengths of 1.5 inch sump pump overflow hose can be purchased online through any of our sales or at most hardware stores.​

​Rain barrel maintenance is easy! Follow the steps below to ensure your rain barrel remains in working condition:

  1. ​Regularly check the filter basket on the top of your rain barrel to ensure there is no unwanted debris blocking water from entering the barrel
  2. Occasionally check your downspout and any piping connected to the rain barrel for leaks or cracks
Be sure to winterize your rain barrel before the cold weather arrives! To be safe, and to ensure the barrel is ready for colder temperatures, follow the steps below:
  1. ​Empty and rinse the rain barrels with a garden hose
  2. Remove the spigot or leave it in the open position
  3. Disconnect all hoses and consider placing them and the spigot inside the barrel
  4. Attempt to prevent any water from entering the rain barrel during winter. Consider storing the barrel upside down or lay it on its side
  5. Consider storing the barrel in an enclosed location to prevent any possibilities of being blown away

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