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​​​​​​​​​​​Environmental Services

The Township of Oro-Medonte provides a number of Environmental Services.

​​​To learn more about Water, Wastewater, Urban ​Stormwater & Streetlights please view the dropdown menu below or use the navigation on the righthand side of the webpage.​ 

Drinking Water Supply, Treatment & Distribution

​The Municipal water operations in the Township are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Operations include; monitoring, inspection, testing, Drinking Water Quality Management System -DWQMS, Water Conservation, remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA control.

Learn more by visiting our Municipal Dr​inking Water Supply, Treatment & Distribution subpage​​.​

Communal Tile Beds and Wastewater (Skyline Horseshoe Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant)

​Only select private residences in Horseshoe Valley are serviced by the Municipal communal tile fields. Many (but not all) residences connected to these systems are equipped with a septic tank (i.e. holding tank), which provides the first level of sewage treatment. 

Presently, the Municipality does not own or operate the Horseshoe Valley wastewater collection system and treatment plant (WWTP).

​Learn more about what the Township of Oro-Medonte manages by visiting the Wastewater subpage.

Urban Stormwater Management

Environmental Services manages the many urban stormwater ponds located across the Municipality. These facilities are comprised of:​

  • Dry - detain water for a short period of time
  • Wet - hold a permanent pool of water
  • LID - Low Impact Development, which uses special filter media to treat stormwater
These man-made facilities are designed to mitigate flooding and clean the water before it is released into the soil or stream.

​Learn more about how the Township's Environmental Services department manages Urban Stormwater Ponds by visiting the Urban Stormwater Management subpage.


There are 34 areas within the Municipality serviced with streetlights, wherein benefitting landowners are assessed a flat rate charge for the operation and maintenance of streetlights.  Of the Township's 950 streetlights, approximately 90% percent are “user pay" with fees collected through an annual special charge to the benefiting landowners. The remaining streetlights that are considered a benefit to the general public are financed through the general tax levy.

The Township of Oro-Medonte has been proactive and progressive with respect to energy management and conservation activities.  In 2016, 2017 & 2018, the Township converted existing streetlights to LED lights (light emitting diodes). The approximate cost savings in energy consumption for converting to LED fixtures is estimated over 60%.

Learn more by visiting the Streetlight subpage.​

Climate Change Initiatives

​The Township of Oro-Medonte is dedicated to protecting our environment and battling the effects of climate change. We are pleased to present our up-coming and on-going Climate Change Initiatives below:

  • ​Rain Barrel Program​ (COMING SOON)