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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Planning Information

​For Planning inquiries, please email or phone 705-487-2171 ext. 2116.

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​​Zoning Certificate & Building​​ Permit Applicatio​ns

​​​​​Planning Applications

​​Zoning ​​By-law

​Town​​ship Official Plan


The Planning Division is responsible for the overall planning and policy direction for land development in the Township, this includes Official Plan and Zoning By-law administration, review and process of development applications and administration and recommendation​s for the Development Services Committee.

Temporary Adjustments during Covid-19

​Notice of Temporary Planning Service Adjustments during th​​e Covid-19 Pandemic

The Township of Oro-Medonte has taken proactive precautions with facility closures and alternative means to continue to provide services to our customers.  The following adjustments have been made to service levels for receiving and processing planning applications by the Planning Division, until further notice: • Planning Staff continue to work remotely; • E-mail communication will be the preferred method of communication. However, phone calls and voicemails will continue to be received and responded to.  

Submission of Planning Appli​​cations:

No in-person applications accepted. Township Offices are closed to the public. Requirements for the Commissioning of planning applications are temporarily waived. Planning applications will continue to be accepted through: • Electronic e-mail submission to; • Electronic submission to Dropbox file hosting service (please e-mail for instructions); • Paper submission by Canada Post or courier to Township of Oro-Medonte Administration Office, 148 Line 7 South, Oro-Medonte, L0L 2E0; • Paper submission to secure mail box (envelopes only) located at Administration Office, 148 Line 7 South (Oro Station); or, • Paper submission to secure mail box (envelopes only) located at Fire Station 6, 5668 Line 7 North (Moonstone).

Payments of Planning Applications:

No in-person payments accepted. Township Offices are closed to the public. Payment for planning application fees will be accepted by: • Cheque payable to the Township of Oro-Medonte or applicable agency (e.g. Conservation Authority) and deposited along with planning application to the secure mail boxes noted above; or, • Online payment (please e-mail​ for instructions).

Public Meetings/Hearings

The Township has implemented alternative electronic formats for the holding Public Meetings/Hearings in order to adhere to physical distancing measures. Public participation will be provided during electronic Council and Development Services Committee Meetings in the Township of Oro-Medonte in accordance with Section 238 (3.3) of the Municipal Act, 2001, the Planning Act, 1990, c.P.13. and the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. The Township has established a protocol that outlines the public responsibility in order to participate in an electronic meeting via video or telephone. The protocol applies to all members of the public, applicants, consultants, and delegates wishing to participate in an electronic Council or Planning Public Meeting, and continues to be subject to rules of procedure as stated in the Procedural By-law and other Provincial legislation.

For those wishing to provide comments at a Public Meeting/Public Hearing scheduled during a Development Services Committee or Council meeting:

  • It is recommended that all comments or questions on planning applications be submitted in writing to Written submissions are encouraged at a public meeting and are required to be submitted one (1) hour prior to the meeting, however comments can also be received after the meeting and will be accepted up to the date that Council makes a decision on the matter. 
  • If you are unable to make written submissions and therefore wish to make an oral statement during the planning meeting or public hearing, please submit a completed registration form and email to prior to noon the Monday prior to the scheduled meeting to register or call 705-487- 2040. You will be provided with either an email containing a link to register prior to the meeting or a call in number and the meeting ID.
  • Written submissions on planning matters will not be read out in their entirety at the meeting but will be forwarded to planning staff for consideration ad the follow up staff report. Council will be apprised of all public comments received prior to making a decision on the application. 
  • If you wish to receive information on a specific planning application or to be notified of an upcoming meeting related to a planning matter please email 
  • All oral statements will be recorded as part of the electronic meeting and will be posted for public viewing and become part of the public record in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be posted for public viewing on the Township’s YouTube Channel​ and in the Meeting Agendas on the Township website. 

Electronic Public Meetings

​Electronic Public Mee​​ting-Public Hearing FAQ for Applicants

  • Due to the COVID-19 situation and the declared State of Emergency, beginning May 6, 2020 the Township of Oro-Medonte proceeded with Public Meetings and Public Hearings for planning applications via ZOOM technology and will be concurrently broadcasting live to the public via the Township’s YouTube channel. All Public Meetings will be recorded and remain on YouTube following the meeting.​
  • ​Township staff will give typical Public Meeting/Hearing PowerPoint presentation via ZOOM’s screen share function, as if under normal in person conditions.
  • The process of Public Meetings-Hearings will follow the standard process which appears on Development Service Committee meeting agendas. Following the Staff presentation, the Chair will give the owner’s representative the opportunity to introduce themselves, share a few words about the proposal, and be available to answer questions from Council or the public. Members of the public will be asked to submit their questions or comments in writing, but they also have the option to speak at the meeting. This form of electronic participation may mean that there are no members of the public speaking in person at the public meeting or public hearing.
  • To reduce strain on the technology and keep public meetings-hearings streamlined, the Township requests that at this time only one (1) representative of the owner/applicant participate per application as the spokesperson for the application.
  • Prior to the meeting and subject to submission of a registration form request, Township staff will email the representative a link to connect to the Zoom virtual meeting. The representative will be asked to type in their name, address, phone number and matter they are speaking to. When it is the Representative’s turn to speak, IT will promote them to a ‘live’ ZOOM panelist to participate/speak to Council/Development Services Committee.
Please note you will require a ZOOM account in order to participate. Please reference the following tutorial for details:
  • You will be asked to log in thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the DS Committee meeting to test this functionality.
  • ​If there is a problem with the video feed or the representative does not have the technology to appear on video, there is the option to attend via telephone only. Please submit a completed registration form and email to or call (705)-487-4020 by noon on the Monday prior to the scheduled meeting to receive further directions on this option. You will be provided with either an email containing a link to register prior to the meeting or a call in number and the meeting ID.

Please note that depending on volume, telephone numbers may be visible to the public; however, every effort will be made to change the number prior to the participant being promoted to a panelist.

Once promoted to panelist, the Chair will address you permitting you to introduce yourself and speak.

Please note if you are participating by phone that *9 (star nine) on your telephone will give the raise hand option indicating to the host when or if you wish to make an additional comment; and * 6 (star six) will allow you to mute your telephone.

If viewing meeting on YouTube, please mute YouTube prior to being promoted to panelist.

If wishing to speak to more than one item on the agenda, as indicated on your registration form, advise the Chair, then leave the meeting and return to the meeting when the relative item is introduced for discussion.

  • No later than noon on the Monday prior to the scheduled meeting, please email the assigned Township staff with the following information:
    • ​Name of the owner representative;
    • Email where ZOOM link should be sent; and
    • Phone number to reach the owner representative should technical difficulties occur.
    • Presentation maters (e.g. power point)
  • ​Submissions received after this time may not be accommodated.
  • For reference, Protocol for Electronic Participation in Meetings of Council, including participation in Public Planning Meetings can be located at: The Council Portal
  • ​In all other respects, the review and approval of your application will follow the usual process.
  • If you have any questions regarding the process or would like to discuss further please contact the assigned Township staff.​

Cannabis Production and Processing Facilities

​Cannabis Production and Processing Faci​​lities

The Council decision to pass By-law 2020-046 to regulate the locations of cannabis production facilities in the Township is the subject of three appeals to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT).  As a result, By-law 2020-046 is unable to take effect, pending the outcome of the appeals process. 

Council is committed to continuing to protect the interests of Oro-Medonte's residents, and will engage the Township's solicitor, Planning staff, and retain the services of a professional planning consultant to represent the Township in the matter of these appeals.  

Further information regarding these appeals (LPAT Case No. PL200194) can be found on the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) E-status page (

Individuals who provided the Township with written requests to be notified of a decision will also be notified of any LPAT proceedings, including a Case Management Conference that has been scheduled to take place by video on October 23, 2020.  Members of the public interested in viewing any of the video proceedings should contact LPAT by visiting, and referencing Case No. PL200194.   ​

​For further background regarding Provincial and Federal​ regulations pertaining to cannabis, please ​see the list of documents provided below:


Short Term Rental Accommodations

​Short Term Rental Accomm​odations


As a result of concerns that hav​​e been raised by the community since 2017 in relation to STRA's including conflict with existing ​residential uses, noise, safety, parking, environmental, zoning, taxation, and enforcement etc., the Township of Oro-Medonte underwent a review on short term rental accommodations in the Township, and conducted extensive research into the matter in other jurisdictions, in addition to obtaining legal input and case law.

The Township held a Public Meeting (​Notice) for the purpose of obtaining comments on a proposed amendment to the Township's Comprehensive Zoning By-law 97-95, to provide clarity with respect to the existing prohibition on commercial accommodations in dwelling units in the Township of Oro-Medonte on June 25, 2020.

On July 15, 2020 Council adopted By-law 2020-073 which provides clarity with respect to the existing prohibition on commercial accommodations in dwelling units in the Township of Oro-Medonte and adds a definition for Commercial Accommodation.

By-law 2020-073 was appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) (file PL200395) (Ontario Land Tribunal​)and a hearing was held from March 22, 2022 to March 29, 2022.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Chair issued an Oral Decision, and By-law 2020-073 was repealed as a result of the decision, and is no longer in effect. 

Following the OLT’s oral decision, a Special Meeting of Council was held on April 1, 2022 at which time Township staff and legal counsel received direction and will be reporting back to Council at future meetings.

The Township of Oro-Medonte’s legal counsel has also filed a Notice of Motion to Appeal the decision (pending receipt and review of the written OLT decision).  To date, the written OLT decision has not been received by the Township.

Should you have a complaint regarding a short term rental accommodation contravention of a Township of Oro-Medonte By-law, please contact Municipal Law Enforcement Staff at 705-487-2171 and complete the comment/concern form found he​re.​​