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New Requirements as of March 17, 2017 please review below

All projects for which a Building Permit has been issued are required to be inspected at various stages of construction by a Building Inspector from the Township of Oro-Medonte.

Please book your inspection with a minimum of 48 hours notice, however, next day service is usually available.

Site copy of approved permit drawings must be available during all inspections.

Please be advised that the Township of Oro-Medonte is committed to ensuring that all of our employees are provided with a healthy and safe work environment. Any job site found to contain unsafe conditions will receive no inspections from the Township of Oro-Medonte until the unsafe conditions are corrected.

The Township of Oro-Medonte does not perform electrical inspections. The electrical inspections are performed by the Electrical Safety Authority 1-877-ESA-SAFE / 1-877-372-7233.

Please ensure prior to booking an inspection, that the work to be inspected is ready and access to all parts of the building is available.
ie. A framing inspection would require access to all floor levels including the basement.

If an inspection has already been booked and all areas not accessible or work is not completed for inspection please cancel by 9:00 am day of inspection.

Mandatory Inspections

  1. Footings
    • Footings should be ready to pour
    • Cleaned of all foreign debris and loose material
    • Formwork secured in place
    • Required OLS verification must be provided prior to inspection
  2. Backfill (Foundation & Weepers)
    • Parging on concrete block to be completed
    • Damp-proofing of the foundation to be completed
    • Weeping tile to be covered with a minimum of 6" clear gravel
    • Drainage layer is to be installed
  3. Plumbing Rough-In
    • All roughed-in drains under slab to be complete and leveled
    • All roughed-in waste and vent pipes to be inspected and water or air pressure tested
    • All roughed-in hot and cold water supply pipes to be inspected with an air pressure test
  4. HVAC Rough-in
    • All ductwork/ cutouts installed for supply and return air
    • HVAC equipment installed
    • ERV/ HRV installed
    • Exhaust ventilation installed
  5. Framing
    • Plumbing, Electrical, and H.V.A.C. rough-ins must be complete prior to framing inspection
      all rough carpentry to be completed
    • Fire stopping to be completed on bulkheads, boxes, drop ceiling and cabinetry where possible
  6. Solid Fuel Burning Fireplace or Woodstove Rough-In
    • Rough-in of masonry hearth, smoke chamber and chimney to be completed
    • Factory-built fireplaces and woodstoves are to be installed, including chimneys and all enclosures to be framed, but not covered
  7. Insulation and Vapour Barrier
    • All insulation to be completed
    • Vapour barrier to be completed
    • If blown ceiling insulation is used, the ceiling vapour barrier must also be installed
    • Fire stopping to be completed in bulkheads, boxes, cabinetry, drop ceilings, at top and bottom plate breeches (supply ducts and waste pipes), concealed spaces, and tubs
    • Exterior of building to be weather tight, including installation of roofing materials (i.e. shingles)
  8. Occupancy
    • Installations of all required guards and handrails, doors, lighting, interior finishes including floors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Plumbing system completed and all fixtures installed.
    • HVAC system completed and operating.
    • Provisional Occupancy Guideline

Sewage System Mandatory Inspections

  1. Test Hole & Site Inspection
    • 2 machine dug 6 ft. deep/stepped holes within the proposed bed area
  2. Inspection
    • Area scarified prior to importing sand
  3. Completion of Tile Bed (prior to backfill)
    • Tank has been installed
    • All approved filter material (i.e. sand, gravel) has been installed
    • Distribution pipes have been installed and leveled
  4. Completion of Sewage System
    • Sewage system to have final grading completed and erosion protection in place
    • Alarms have been installed where required

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