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Municipal Water Services

Municipal Water System Facts

  • The majority of residents in Oro-Medonte are on private wells.
  • There are residents who are on a privately-owned/operated water systems.
  • There are residents who are on Municipally-owned/operated water systems.
  • The Township has operational control over 12 water systems located across the municipality, including the unassumed subdivisions of Braestone.​​

Municipal ​​​​Water Operations​

The water operations in the Township are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Operations include; monitoring, inspection, testing, Drinking Water Quality Management System -DWQMS, remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA control.
​​All water and wastewater operators and operations in Ontario are governed by the following regulations and acts, including:
  • Certification of Drinking Water System Operators and Water Quality Analysts, Ontario Regulation 128/04 of the Safe Drinking Water Act  (Reg 129/04 Licensing of Sewage Works Operators)
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
  • The Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA)
  • Drinking Water Systems Regulation, Ontario Regulation 170/03 of the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Ontario Regulation 169/03  (Water Quality Standards)
  • Drinking Water Quality Management Program (DWQMS)
  • Regulation 903  (Wells)
  • Regulation 318/319 (Halls)​

The Township's licensed water operators ensure the safe and reliable delivery of drinking water to customers. Operators are responsible for several testing, monitoring, and operations programs including:

  • Chlorine Residual Testing
  • Bacteriological Testing
  • SCADA Equipment Calibration
  • Chemical Testing
  • Alkalinity and Lead Testing
  • Well Head Inspections
  • Turbidity Monitoring
  • Flushing Programs
  • Hydrant and Valve Maintenance Programs 
  • Flow Meter Calibration Program
  • Generator Maintenance Program
  • Reservoir & Standpipe Maintenance 
  • Pressure Gauge Checks and Control Valve Maintenance​

Contact Us

Township of Oro-Medonte Administration Centre
148 Line 7 South
Oro-Medonte, ON L0L 2E0

Phone: (705) 487-2171
Fax: (705) 487-0133

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