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​​​Municipal Services Corporation

  • Notice of Open House for Municipal Services CorporationNotice of Open House for Municipal Services Corporation
    Open House Notice for Municipal Services Corporation
  • MSC Comment Submission FormMSC Comment Submission Form
    MSC Comment Submission Form

The Township of Oro-Medonte is considering the creation of a Municipal Services Corporation to manage Environmental Services.

Currently, the Township’s Environmental Services department is responsible for;

  • ​Treatment and distribution of drinking water through 14 water systems;
    • 11 municipal systems plus Braestone (to be municipally assumed), Lake Simcoe Airport and Big Cedar Estates (under contract)
    • Providing service to approximately 2,500 households at a 2018 annual cost of approximately $2 million (operating) and $5 million (capital)
  • Maintenance of the Township’s street lighting network
  • Maintenance of urban storm water management infrastructure (urban storm ponds) in select residential neighbourhoods
  • Maintenance of seven communal tile beds that provide septic services to 94 households
  • Administration of water and wastewater billing for Skyline customers in Horseshoe Valley:
    • ​To approximately 730 households through a MOECC Municipal Responsibility & Capital Facility Agreement with Skyline Utility Services Inc.
    • ​Approximately 400 of these households also receive water services from the Township

What is a Municipal Services Corporation (MSC)?

A MSC is a corporation whose shares are owned by a municipality, or a municipality and one or more other public-sector entities. A MSC can only provide a system, service or thing that the municipality could provide. MSCs are required to receive permission from a municipality to operate in its geographic boundaries.

What are the benefits? 

The Township is growing and our assets are aging.  With these changes will come corresponding demands for increased environmental services.  A MSC provides:

  • Professional governance and management through skills-based boards of directors whose terms extend beyond the four-year term of elected officials
  • Increased debt financing flexibility by allowing the Township to separate environmental services investments from other infrastructure investments
  • Provides a vehicle for shared-service arrangements with other municipalities
  • Full cost recovery for water, wastewater and communal tile services, street lighting and stormwater management facilities
  • Ability to continue to deliver on the Environmental Services principles of safety, compliance, accountability, sustainability and continuous improvement

MSC Process Timeline

  • May 31/June 1 - Notice of Open House Meeting in newspapers (North Simcoe Life, Midland Mirror, Barrie Advance, Orillia Today), website updated, social media communication initiated
  • June 1 - Additional FAQs on website
  • June 8 - Public comment form available on website
  • June 13 - Open House 5:30 pm (per Ontario Reg. 599/06), Presentation, Q & A
  • June 14 - Open House presentation added to website
  • July 9 - Last day to receive public comments, due by at 8 am.
  • July 18 - Council Meeting- to receive Corporate Staff Report and Council consideration to proceed

​To assist residents understanding of this proposed new business model, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Page​.