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Accessibility Feedback

The Township welcomes any feedback or complaints regarding how the Township provides goods and services to individuals with disabilities. We view your feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Please utilize the Feedback / Complaint Form


  • Feedback or complaints from members of the public shall be received by the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer in any communicative form appropriate for the person providing feedback or complaint;
  • Any responses will be coordinated appropriately per the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer in a timely manner;
  • Any feedback or complaint will be reviewed by the appropriate employees to ensure that all appropriate and available measures will be undertaken by the Township in the provision of goods and services to persons with disabilities;
  • Feedback or complaints will be considered highly confidential to ensure the protection of personal information;
  • If the feedback or complaint is received verbally, the employee shall produce the feedback or complaint in a written format and repeat the information to the person providing the feedback or complaint to ensure accuracy.

Accessible formats available upon request.​

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