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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Art_Trees of Oro-Medonte​​​

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​​Art_Trees of Oro-Medonte


Public Art Project: #Art_Trees of Oro-Medonte​

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In June, 2022, the Township announced that our Craighurst Public Art Project was selected for the My Main Street Community Activator program as part of a $3.5-million investment by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), and has received funding to create and install unique and beautiful seven-foot sculptures at seven business locations in the village of Craighurst. The trees were designed and fabricated locally by David Smith of Oro Design, following a call for artists and a juried competition, seven local artists have been selected to visually enhance the large metal sculptures. One small version of the sculptures was created to promote the program and was completed by Meg Leslie, artist and the project coordinator.

A descriptive map of the Art Tree locations throughout  Craighurst.,

The Art_Trees have been installed at seven locations near the four corners of Craighurst (see map to the right), located at the intersection of Penetanguishene Rd (Highway 93) and Horseshoe Valley Rd (County Road 22).​​

Plan a visit to Craighurst to see the stunning trees and visit the welcoming local businesses for unique shopping and delicious dining. Craighurst is a great spot to stop when visiting Oro-Medonte or travelling through the area.


  1. Craighurst Guardian Pharmacy
  2. Loobies Restaurant
  3. Corner Gas
  4. Foodland Craighurst​
  5. Dwellings​ - Home Decor
  6. Corner Lot
  7. HQ Restaurant & Tap House/Chelsea Chocolates​

Artist Information​

1. Tanya Cunnington

​1. Tanya Cunnington​ received her Associates Degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2001, majoring in Drawing and Painting.  Her paintings resemble abstracted landscapes, but her fundamental subject matter is always the passage of time, memory, and family.  In this vein, Tanya's work often acts as a visual diary for significant events in her life.​​​

Art_Tree: “I lived in Oro-Medonte for over 20 years when I was young and love the landscape of the area. I spent many years exploring it by foot, bike and later by car."

Tanya's Art Tree is centered within the image, rolling brush strokes with immersive fall coloursTanya is posed beside her Art Tree holding a paint brush

2. MJ Pollak

2. MJ Pollak has a background in Fine Art, Theatre and Costume Design and has also published a novel, Summer Burns, with Insomniac Press. Since moving to Orillia Mary Jo has been developing her skills in painting and photography, as well as volunteering to promote visual arts.  ​

MJ also dabbles in photography…and has also published a novel, Summer Burns, with Insomniac Press.​

Art_Tree: “I bike along the waterfront daily, early in the morning, and I have been privileged to regularly spot herons fishing along the shore. I developed a relationship with this one and she would let me get quite close to take her photo.

On my morning rides I have also watched two ospreys raise their families. The pair return to the same nest every year. It has been a delight to see them fix up the nest, perform their mating rites, and tend to their young. I have painted these from my photos."

MJ is pictured crouched over her Art Tree with a paint brush in handMJ's Art Tree is pictured in a deconstructed manner, laying of the floor.​​​​​

3. Marlene Bulas

3. Marlene Bulas ( Much of her work is impressionistic - especially her landscapes, still life, floral and figurative paintings. Love of colour and the painting process itself are the main focus of her art​.​

Marlene has many fond memories of growing up on the family farm in Oro-Medonte.

Art_Tree:“I am depicting historic buildings in Oro~Medonte but it is also my personal and family history growing up in the area."  1) Robert Miller's Farm bought 1951 and in the family until 1968. Marlene's dad and the home that she grew up in. 300acres. We raised cows, horses, pigs and chickens and grew potatoes, turnips and wheat. 2) Argyle Public School. Located on concession 9. Open-as a school until 1965. Now a veterinarian clinic. 3) East Oro General Store. Located on the 11th line of Oro. Popular place to buy your groceries and ice cream cones!"

​​Marlene holds her wonderfully coloured art treeMarlene presents two designs, one of a farm field and another of a public school building

4. Margaret Ferraro

4. Margaret Ferraro (Margaret Ferraro Fine Art). Margaret's artwork often suggests our connection to the natural world. Having a big love for nature and extensive experience hiking, many of her most recent important pieces convey this connection to nature.​


The Rainbow Tree Backlit images always get me excited. The light through leaves gives a magical feeling to the beholder. We can see the magic through the lens of reality or play in our imagination, in a riot of colour.

Hill upon HilI see landscape as a puzzle of pattern, both in its geometry and in colour. In this image, I'm having fun with Shadows coming forward, speckled light throwing it's effects everywhere. I see colours like numbers, in terms of relationships , ratios, and just beauty of the mixing party.

Margaret is posing beside her art treeMargaret is kneeling beside her colourful and soulful pieces of art​​​​

5. Kathryn Kaiser

5. Kathryn Kaiser (Verity Blue Studio)​. Kathryn mainly works in oil, acrylic and dry media; materials that allow expression through a intuitive and immediate personal vision. Each piece is created through a unique perspective, allowing the work to stay fresh, keeping the process ever evolving and expanding. Kathryn does architectural renderings for various design, architectural and landscaping companies. ​

Art_Tree: “The area around Craighurst holds a special place in my heart. I hail from Alberta originally (as do most of my family) but recently discovered that my (estranged) grandfather's family were among the first settlers to the area. My 3rd great grandfather was Edward Grant Luck. He settled here in 1820 (or so), and became the first teacher in Crown Hill. He taught there for 22 years. Small world. My journey into my ancestors' pasts, has led me to a deepening understanding of the area in which I find myself now living. I feel this project would be an extension of my education. There is still much to discover." Kathryn Kaiser

Kathryn's Art tree is pictured within her studioA close up of Kathryn's art tree, showcasing a beautiful buildiing in Oro-Medonte​​

6. Angela Aujla

6. Angela Aujla. An artistic exploration of memory, culture, and history. I create mixed media drawings and photo-based collages using vintage ephemera, photography, ink, paint, pastel, papers, found/reclaimed materials.

Art_Tree: My design features birds and native plant species from the Oro-Medonte area, some of which are endangered. These include the barred owl, bobolet, and green heron. The plants include the black eyed susan, purple coneflower, spotted Joe pye weed, as well as ash and maple leaves. I think this design represents how significant and meaningful the natural landscape, such as the Copeland Forest, the moraine, and also farm fields are as habitats for unique and diverse species.

Angela kneels beside her art  piece Angela's art tree depicts am owl mid-flight, with sharp and focused eyes/

7. Paul Baxter

7. Paul Baxter. Baxter's community work is evident everywhere from stunning building murals, unique set designs and construction, festive Christmas lights in the park, and even a COVID mask on the City entry sign.​​

Art_Tree: Paintings include images from Burl's Creek WayHome Festival - the festival flags, the caboose, and a magical moment when Neil Young played on a piano in the woods there. The other side depicts Horseshoe Valley's golf course, and Settler's Ghost Golf Course below. Also painted are McCutchen's Farm and Milton's Maple Syrup Shack.

“Not only does it represent Oro-Medonte, but I have personal connections and memories of the area. Each image/painting has a personal story behind it that I am happy to share. I am forever inspired by what Oro has to offer, the landscapes and traditions."​ Paul Baxter 

Paul's art tree is pictured within a studio,Paul's tree depicts a long driveway in a rural town.

8. Meg Leslie

​Meg Leslie (Atherley Arts). Growing up in the area, Meg is a graduate of Georgian College Interior Design program and Lakehead Master Naturalist certificate program. She designs custom nature-inspired porcelain tiles for backsplashes to add that creative joie de vivre to any home or commercial space.​

This smaller 2.5ft tree can be found moving around throughout the Township of Oro-Medonte.

Art_Tree: East Coulson Swamp and all the beautiful wetlands and waters of Oro-Medonte inspired this tree​.

The back of Meg's tree is pictured, with the words, "Take me to your trees".Meg's art tree is pictured, showcasing a wonderful display of mosiac and tile. A green cermaic frog is attached to the tree.


Front blueprint of an art treediagonal profile of an art tree​​side profile of an art tree

Blueprints of Art Trees of Oro-Medonte, from left to right; front, diagonal & side view.​