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Success Stories

Thanks to Working Smoke Alarms and Quick Action, Oro-Medonte Residents and Pets Are Safe

Carol Hyatt and Bella On Wednesday, January 29, 2020, Oro-Medonte resident Carol Hyatt and Bella, her lovely Bichon Frise, were in the kitchen of her home when she discovered a burning smell, and saw traces of smoke coming from one of her kitchen cupboards. Smoke alarms activated as Carol opened her cupboard where she found small flames coming from a battery bag that Carol uses to recycle unwanted batteries. The flames from the bag carried onto Carol’s wooden cupboards, leaving soot deposits and fire patterns as indicated in the photos below

With Carol’s quick thinking, she was able to quickly extinguish the fire inside of her cupboard, and safely remove the charred remains of the recycling bag and batteries to outside of her home. Not an hour prior to the fire breaking out, Carol had added some small button batteries to her recycling collection that consisted of everyday AA alkaline batteries.

Carol was concerned regarding fire safety and contacted Oro-Medonte Fire & Emergency Services to make them aware of what had happened. Oro-Medonte Fire & Emergency Services were very happy that Carol took pride in fire safety with multiple smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed throughout her home. It was these working alarms that notified Carol when danger was present. Without working alarms, the situation could have had a very different outcome.

Oro-Medonte Fire & Emergency Services provided information and education to Carol regarding safe storage of household batteries, and discussed household extinguishers. The importance of having working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms was reinforced.

Oro-Medonte Fire & Emergency Services recommends taping both the positive and negative terminals of batteries by simply placing a single piece of tape around the top and bottom of the battery cell, covering both terminal ends so that they may not come into contact with metal and/or other batteries. On 9 volt batteries, place a piece of tape around the terminal springs to prevent smaller button cell batteries from being wedged in-between the terminal. This should be completed prior to recycling.

Thank you Carol for allowing us to share your success story with our community. We hope everyone tests, inspects and checks all of their smoke and CO Alarms; keeping our community safe!

For additional battery safety tips, please visit and read these documents:

Thanks to Working Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Oro-Medonte Residents Safe from Carbon Monoxide

Fiona and John Barrie and catOn October 29, 2019 Oro-Medonte Fire & Emergency Services responded to a residential occupancy with a carbon monoxide alarm sounding.

Oro-Medonte resident Fiona Barrie, was awakened from her peaceful nightly slumber by the alerting sound of their carbon monoxide alarm. John Barrie, while on the telephone for work at the time was startled too. The alarm was notifying them that danger was present inside their home. It was imperative they reacted to the sounding alarm, exiting the home to a safe environment.

For Fiona and John it was all too real. The presence of the dangerous carbon monoxide gas, surrounding the warm and loving place they call home, became terribly shocking for their two lovely kitties Kobe, Maya and themselves.

After exiting the home and dialing 911, the family waited for Fire & Emergency Services to arrive. With quick response, firefighters entered the structure only to find readings of carbon monoxide throughout the house

It is certain, that due to having working carbon monoxide alarms, this family was saved from harm.

Oro-Medonte Fire & Emergency Services reminds everyone that has a fuel-burning appliance, a fireplace or an attached garage, you must have a working CO alarm adjacent to each sleeping area of the home.

For more CO safety tips, you can contact or visit:

Thank-you Fiona, John, Kobe and Maya for allowing us to share your success story with our community. We hope everyone tests, inspects and checks all their Smoke and CO Alarms. Keeping our community safe!