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There are 34 areas within the Municipality serviced with streetlights, wherein benefitting landowners are assessed a flat rate charge for the operation and maintenance of streetlights.  Of the Township's 950 streetlights, approximately 90% percent are “user pay" with fees collected through an annual special charge to the benefiting landowners. The remaining streetlights that are considered a benefit to the general public are financed through the general tax levy.

The Township of Oro-Medonte has been proactive and progressive with respect to energy management and conservation activities.  In 2016, 2017 & 2018, the Township converted existing streetlights to LED lights (light emitting diodes). The approximate cost savings in energy consumption for converting to LED fixtures is estimated over 60%.

​The Township's street light program is based on a common flat rate charge policy that applies to all benefitting areas. 

Streetlight Out

Streetlights are controlled by an individual photocell that turns the lights on/off based on light levels present, so lights turn on when it gets dark and off when it gets light.  If a streetlight is out on your street, please report it to Environmental Services at 705-487-2171 Extension 2156.

The target response time for repairs is 30 days; however, repairs may take longer in the event the issue is related to power supply and Hydro One.

Request for New Streetlights

Written requests for new streetlights on existing municipal roadways must be made to Council through the deputation process, which should include the primary concerns for the request.

Not everyone favors the installation of streetlights. Some object to the way they look or prefer not to have them installed near their homes. Particularly, the communities in rural areas have voiced concerns on the impact of street lighting on wildlife and star gazing opportunities so local support is imperative in any request for a new installation. As such, requests for new streetlight(s) must be made from a community group or group of residents as opposed to a single individual and include documentation of greater than 75% support from the local serviced area.​

​Upon Council direction and in the event the above conditions are met, the Environmental Services Department will conduct a site visit to determine the site conditions and suitability of installation. The Environmental Services Department will report back to Council with a cost estimate, available budget provisions to support the installation and a department recommendation. Council direction will determine how the original request is processed.