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​On-Site Sewage Maintenance Program

UPDATE: November 2020

Overview & Compliance

Within the Township of Oro-Medonte there are 2,001 sewage systems subject to the provincially mandated Septic Maintenance Program. 
  • ​SMP2020 - 1,874 systems located within 100 m to the Lake Simcoe shoreline or tributary
    • ​Current 5-year cycle (2016-2020); compliance deadline December 31, 2020
  • WHP2021 - 127 systems located within 100 m of a municipal well head
    • ​Current 5-year cycle (2017-2021); compliance deadline December 31, 2021
The compliance requirements for each of these sewage systems:
  • Visual Inspection - Township is responsible to conduct a visual site inspection. 
    • With septic record - Inspection has been completed on all sewage systems; notification status cards were left on site.
    • No septic record - A record is required for staff to conduct the required inspection.  Property owners are responsible to submit a record. If property owners do not have a record they shall retain the services of a septic professional to conduct a Phase II assessment and produce a detailed sewage record. The record can be emailed to smp@oro-medonte.ca.
  • Supporting Documents - Property owners are responsible to submit the following supporting documents for each 5-year cycle. Submissions shall be made by email to smp@oro-medonte.ca, by mail, or in our Administration Office drop box.
    • Septic tank inspection report  (applicable for all septic tanks – except as noted under ‘Service Report’)
    • Maintenance agreement (applicable for all treatment units - such as Ecoflo, Waterloo Biofilter, Enviroseptic,  etc., - except as noted under Service Report)
    • Service Report (applicable for Norweco & Aquarobic treatment units only. Will be accepted as alternate document)
​The compliance deadline of December 31, 2020 is fast approaching.  Please note there has been no modification or extension to the Ontario Building Code compliance deadline as a result of the pandemic. Letters have been sent to all open files in order to gain compliance.

Properties not in compliance by December 31, 2020 will be issued an Order to Comply and subject to a minimum $270.00 fee in accordance with the Township’s Fees and Charges by-law as amended.  The Township solicitor will be included in further communications.  Charges for legal costs and additional staff time may be applicable associated with the required process to gain compliance in accordance with the Fees & Charges By-law as amended.

Should you have further questions please contact staff at (705) 487-2171 ext. 2181 or email smp@oro-medonte.ca. 


In 2002, the Ontario Building Code was amended and the Township became the authority for construction and maintenance of defined on-site sewage systems.  The Simcoe County District Health Unit was the previous authority; they forwarded their records to the municipalities for information purposes only.  Although we have many records, unfortunately we do not have a record for every system within the Township. 

Effective January 1, 2011, the Ontario Building Code was again amended by Ontario Regulation 315/10 to establish and govern mandatory on-site sewage system maintenance inspection programs to be administered by the Township of Oro-Medonte.  These amendments help protect Ontario's drinking water and the natural environment and support the implementation of the Clean Water Act, 2006 (CWA) and the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.

Through the Clean Water Act (2006) assessment reports were completed to identify potential threats to municipal drinking water systems. Properties identified as a potential threat to Municipal drinking water systems are located in a source protection area. These properties are typically located close to a wellhead. An inspection of the on-site sewage system (the septic system) is required to be completed prior to January 1, 2017 and every five years thereafter.