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​Historic Plaques

Plaques About Historic People

E. C. Drury, was a historian, farmer and former Premier of Ontario. (A Provincial historic site, Highway 93, just north of Hwy 11)

E. C Drury, recognizing his work in agriculture, reforestation, and leader of the

United Farmers Union. (A Simcoe County Agriculture and Reforestation Committee site, on the Old Barrie Road, cast of Line 7)

Marion Keith, was a teacher and novelist whose characters and fictional situations reflected what she saw in her community. (A Simcoe County historic site, on the Old Barrie Road, at Rugby)

Sir Samuel Steele, was a pioneer in the RCMP. (A County historic site on line 12 of Medonte, just south of Mount St. Louis Side Road)

Plaques About Historic Situations

Wilberforce Plaque, records the Black Settlement resulting from the first decree by a government to enable Blacks to acquire land on equal terms as whites. (A Provincial historic site, half way between Barrie and Shanty Bay on the Ridge Road)

African Church Cairn and Plaques and The Historic Site, the "African Church and Cemetery", acknowledges the contribution Blacks made to the development of the area, and the unique situation that brought them here. (The “African Church” A Simcoe County historic site, 6.5 km north of Highway #11, on Line 3 of Oro. The African Church Cairn is located on Line 2 of Oro)

East Oro Drill Shed Cairn, records the interesting tradition of maintaining a militia in each community, prepared to defend against invasion or insurrection (A Huronia historic sites association, about 4 km north of Hawkestone, on Line 11)

Old Town Hall Cenotaph, a Township monument records the names of those who fought in the two world wars. (A Township historic site, 4 km north of Highway 11, on line 7)

Hodges' Landing, acknowledges the interesting history of a community established to receive settlers. (A Township historic site, in Hawkestone)

Kempenfeldt Historic Plaque, outlines a planned settlement for the base of the Penetanguishene Road, to match a similarly planned settlement at Penetanguishene; the southern settlement did not materialize. (A County Historic Site, literally on the Old Penetanguishene Road, between two houses, immediately east of the town line of Barrie, on the Shanty Bay road watch for green "street signs" labeled "Penetanguishene Road" near the bottom of the hill.)

St. Thomas Church, is a unique example of a building constructed with walls made of rammed earth, hay, and when available, eggs! (A Provincial historic site in the lower village of Shanty Bay on Line 2 South)

Old Coldwater Road, that acknowledges the importance of the road (originally a Native Indian trail) in the pioneer settlement of Medonte. (A Simcoe County site, located on the east side of Hwy #12, just south of Warminster)