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​Zoning and Land Use

Comparing Township’s Zoning By-law with Special Event By-law

The Township’s Zoning By-law sets out what type of land use (e.g. residential, agricultural/rural, special events) is permitted for a given property. The Township can charge property owners if they do not comply with zoning requirements.

The Township’s Special Events By-law ensures that special events are planned and managed to comply with Township, County, and other government and agency requirements.

To receive a Special Events Permit, the event property must be appropriately zoned for special events land use. At Burl’s Creek Event Grounds, 526 acres are zoned for special events land use.

Temporary and Permanent Use (Zoning) By-laws Applications

To secure the proper land use zoning approvals for its proposed special events, Burl's Creek Event Grounds (BCEG) Inc. submitted zoning applications to the Township under the Planning Act for both a Temporary Use By-law (TUB) as well as a Permanent Use By-law (PUB).

BCEG Inc. applied for these zoning changes so that it can hold special events (including related activities such as camping and parking) on 434 acres not zoned for special events land use.

On July 14, 2017, the Ontario Municipal Board ruled in favour of BCEG's TUB application. Read the OMB Decision and Report here: OMB PL151011.

The Township will be working with the County of Simcoe with respect to Burl’s Creek’s Permanent Use By-law (PUB) applications. At this time, it is not possible for the Township to estimate with any certainty when a decision might be finalized for the PUB applications. Information will be be posted to the Township website as it becomes available.

The following table summarizes the TUB and PUB application history for Burl’s Creek Event Grounds since April 2015.

Burl’s Creek Event Grounds TUB and PUB Applications History

Date Action By-law
April 13, 2015Township deems TUB application  submitted by BCEG Inc. complete TUB
Sept. 30, 2015BCEG Inc. files appeal with OMB regarding its TUB applicationTUB
Feb. 4, Feb. 26 and April 28, 2016Pre-hearing conferences held by OMBTUB
Feb. 18, 2016Township deems PUB application submitted by BCEG Inc. completePUB
May 24 – June 1, 2016Substantive hearing before OMB regarding TUB application / appealTUB
July 12, 2016OMB dismisses request for a prohibition order for the 2016 WayHome, and Boots and Hearts festivals
Oct. 25-28, 2016Additional OMB substantive hearing dates scheduled for TUB application / appealTUB
​January 19, 2017
Final OMB hearing ​date
​February 21, 2017
Date for submission of final statements for OMB appeal​​TUB
​July 14, 2017
OMB issues decision in favour of TUB application ​TUB
July 26, 2017
BCEG Inc. files appeal with OMB regarding its PUB applications (County and Township) ​PUB
​December 19, 2017​BCEG Inc. Notification of OMB  Pre-Hearing Conference​PUB
​February 8-9, 2018​OMB Pre-Hearing Conference​PUB

Archaeological Reviews

The Huron Wendat First Nation’s archaeologist, Dr. Ron Williamson, conducted an onsite review of Burl’s Creek Event Grounds after WayHome 2016 event set up was complete. He reported that the entire area identified for the Stage 2 study is still intact. He added that the impact of camping and parking on any potential archaeological items in this same area is negligible.

He also confirmed that so far there has been no evidence of any archaeological items at Burl’s Creek Events Grounds.

Dr. Williamson forwarded his assessment to the Huron Wendat First Nation and BCEG Inc. This information was then shared with the Township, Simcoe County and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and other stakeholders.

Archaeological Studies

As part of the TUB and PUB applications, BCEG Inc. has completed a number of Stage 1 and Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment reports of the Burl's Creek Event Grounds. These studies have been completed in consultation with First Nations and have been submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport for review and entry into the Ontario Public Register of Archaeological Reports.