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​OMB Decisions

Temporary Use By-law (TUB) Application

On July 14, 2017, the Ontario Municipal Board ruled in favour of Burl's Creek Event Grounds Inc.'s TUB application. Read the OMB Decision and Report here: OMB PL151011.

Permanent Use By-law (PUB) Application

In conjunction with its TUB appeal, BCEG Inc. submitted a Permanent Use By-law application to allow special events, accessory camping, parking and concession booths, and minor soccer use on 434 acres of land not zoned for special events.

The Township has not yet rendered a decision on this Permanent Use By-law application. Accordingly, BCEG Inc. was in a position to appeal this PUB to the OMB as of June 17, 2016. If Township Council had enacted the PUB, an appeal could have been filed with the OMB by a third party.

OMB Appeals Process

Any applicants for a zoning by-law amendment can appeal to the OMB following 120 days from the date when a temporary or permanent use by-law application is deemed complete by the Township Council and if Township Council has not rendered a decision on that completed application within the same 120 days.

Why Didn’t the Township Make Decisions Regarding BCEG Inc.’s TUB and PUB Applications?

The Township did not render a decision on BCEG Inc.’s TUB application because it was missing substantiating information from BCEG Inc.

For BCEG Inc.’s PUB application, Council was unable to render a decision before the 120-day deadline as the PUB is currently in review with commenting agencies such as Simcoe County, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Research OMB Cases

To research OMB case files, use the E-Status Case Information tool. The case file number for the Burl’s Creek TUB application is PL151011.