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​Burl's Creek Information

Mayor's Message

Message from Mayor Hughes on behalf of Township Council, August 30, 2016
The Wayhome and Boots and Hearts Music Festivals at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds (BCEG) have concluded for 2016.  Township of Oro-Medonte staff continue to gather information and build files pertaining to matters for Council’s consideration. A status update on these matters is provided below.


TopicCurrent Situation
Next Steps
Special Events Permits (SEP) and EnforcementCouncil unanimously voted to issue SEP with conditions for each of the music festivals for only the zoned lands (92 acres).     

Municipal Law Enforcement officers continue to gather evidence and compile information related to potential violations.
Investigations are ongoing.

Council will provide direction to staff upon completion of these investigations.

The Township has 6 months to file charges under the Provincial Offences Act.
Sound Monitoring Program

More details here:

2016 Sound Monitoring Program

The Township has hired Trinity Consultants Inc.  to complete an independent peer review, analysis, and report of the sound level data collected during the Wayhome and Boots and Hearts Music festivals.Council will review the results of the Sound Monitoring Program, peer review and analysis in consultation with senior staff, legal counsel, and other experts that are required.
Following the evaluation, Council will consider the information to establish sound levels and duration for BCEG.
Presentation and report to Council targeted for late Fall 2016


TopicCurrent Situation
Next Steps
Archaeological StudyStage 2 Archaeological Study is the responsibility of BCEG Inc. and is currently underway.  
Results will be considered as part of land use applications.

Anticipate results by end of October.
OMB Hearing/ Temporary Use By-law (TUB)
OMB hearing for the TUB is in recess.

Township no longer has jurisdiction on the TUB zoning application.
Decision on TUB application rests with OMB.

OMB hearing resumes in October.

Next hearing dates set for October 25-28, 2016 at the Township Administration Centre.
2015 Charges Related to Events on BCEG Burl's Creek acknowledged its violations and conduct with respect to the 2015 events.

In October 2015, the Ontario Court of Justice imposed fines of $75,000 for two zoning violations and $125,000 for five obnoxious use violations, totaling $200,000.

In light of the guilty pleas and imposed fines, there were no further prosecution by the Township for the use of the BCEG’s between June and September 2015.

The amount is due and payable to the Ontario Court of Justice, and not the Township of Oro-Medonte directly.

The Ontario Court of Justice sets the payment date.

​The fine of $200,000 is due by October 1, 2016.

Council remains committed to acting in the best interest of all residents and business owners of Oro-Medonte, while adhering to legislation and regulatory Acts.

Harry Hughes
Mayor, Township of Oro-Medonte